Turn your wall statement into a decoration to use year after year!


As promised here are the step by step instructions for applying vinyl to a stretched canvas.

Supplies needed:

  • Stretched canvas frame
  • Paint, Gesso or ModPodge
  • Paint brush or applicator
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s Tape

To Prep the canvas:

Wipe off the canvas with a barely damp cloth, then treat (paint) the canvas with one of the products listed above.

Let dry thoroughly.  If you need to, paint again and let dry.

Mark the center of each side of the canvas with a pencil  (you may want to place a piece of painters tape on the spot and ma20171010_153559ke the mark on there, if you don’t want to repaint over the spot later.)

Draw a line from the center of each arrow to the arrow across from it, to forming  cross-hairs for leveling.




Take the vinyl statement and turn face down on the table and using the squeegee burnish the back of the decal.  20171010_153925





Slowly peel the backing paper away keeping the lifted portion flat against the decal as shown.





Align the pencil marks on the decal with the pencil marks on the canvas. Carefully hold the decal (now freed from the backing) over the pencil marks checking for correct placement and then gently lay the decal on the canvas.  We noticed that not all of the canvas frames were square, so you may need to eyeball the placement to get it to look right.








Starting at one edge, burnish the decal to the canvas. Flip the canvas frame over and burnish from the back, since the canvas is thick, it can take a good rubbing.

Flip back over, right side up and turn back a corner of the decal using the same method for removing the backing, remove the tape.

Keep the tape folded back flat (non sticky sides together) on itself as you pull it SLOWLY away.








Continue until all of the tape has been removed, revealing the decal.   If any pieces lift and don’t want to stick to the canvas, encourage it back down by pushing it with your finger on the tape side.  Remove alignment arrows and the pencil marks. Don’t try erasing the pencil marks. Those will need to be covered with paint.

That’s it!

But don’t stop here!  There are many surfaces you can apply vinyl to that will make your quote more versatile just because you will be able to change it out by the season or holiday, or move it from room to room or to a new home.  Try using: charger plates, tile, tin, glass, mirrors, or painted wood plaques. The main thing to remember is the surface needs to be smooth, and dust free.  Test your surface before ordering the vinyl! We offer free color samples for just that purpose.



Vinyl Quotes on Stretched Canvas

 This lovely time of year is seeing us busy putting lots of great things together for our customers.

Because, well… you’re the best!

One of the most common questions we receive involves being able to reuse or at least make move-able, our vinyl decals.  There are many surfaces you can apply a vinyl decal to.  Glass, mirrors, tiles, painted/ treated canvas or wood, charger plates and more!   We are particularly enamored with the use of stretched canvas.   Create the look you want that has the added bonus of portability!  Move and display again in a new location or at a later time. (Perfect for decorating for each season or holiday!)  Detailed instructions as well as a step by step video will be included in our next post. Check back!

This delightful set of panels will add magic to a child's bedroom, playroom or bathroom. Isn't it fun?

This delightful set of panels will add magic to a child’s bedroom, playroom or bathroom. Isn’t it fun?

This look is achieved with our chevron stripes in Cotton Candy and our quote "So She Did" in Gold Metallic.

This look is achieved with our chevron stripes
in Cotton Candy and our quote “So She Did” in Gold Metallic.

"Comparison is the Thief of Joy" We love this quote as a daily reminder of our individuality, but thought it was a hoot over the stove. Don't you dare compare my cooking!

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” We love this quote as a daily reminder of our individuality, but thought it was a hoot over the stove. Don’t you dare compare my cooking!

Easy to move about, put on a wall, an easel or just set in a table arrangement. "Merry Christmas"

Easy to move about, put on a wall, an easel or just set in a table arrangement. “Merry Christmas”


Set the stage for each season or holiday with this versatile method for applying vinyl.

Set the stage for each season or holiday with this versatile method for applying vinyl. These same arrangements can be placed on mirrors, glass, tiles and any smooth surface.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, now is a great time to try one of our spooky designs on stretched canvas.  Then you will have it for next year as well!  We make it easy with Free Rush Processing on orders placed within the next week on Halloween inspired quotes!

This month we’ll be having a photo contest,
the winner of which will receive a free design on us! To enter:

1) Take a clear photo of  the wall written designs in your home, school, church or anywhere!

2) Like us on Facebook and add your photo.  You can also add it to Instagram.

3) Send it as an email to support@wallwritten.com (Include your name, and the story/review of your design).

The design comes in chocolate and the dimensions are 22" x 13.4"

The design comes in chocolate and the dimensions are 22″ x 13.4″

The winner will be announced on November 6th and they will receive the elegant and ever popular,  “Home is Where Love Resides” Centered version from us for free!

 Good luck, everybody!














Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Focusing on gratitude has been a rewarding experience this last month.

  I hope it was for you as well.

Now we are on to Christmas, and regardless of which (if any) holidays you celebrate, you can feel the excitement in the air.  Do your plans include having family stay at your place?

Well then, let’s talk “Home for the Holidays.”

We did a mini survey at work asking our employees to share treasured memories of visiting during a holiday.  The results, combined with tips from last December’s blog, are listed below.   As you scan our list, be sure to keep in mind your parameters.   Do you have a room for your guest(s), a bed,  a sofa, or a space on the floor? Do your guests have allergies such as pets, food or scents? Do they have special needs to factor into your planning?


List One: Basic Needs

Sleeping arrangements (Is there a spare bedroom or an area?)

Divide the space into a sleeping area as much as possible.  You can use furniture, plants, or a screen, just get creative. Always start in the corners and near walls as to utilize as much space as possible and try to keep the middle section area of the space open and clutter free for walking space and socializing.

Do you need to purchase or borrow air mattresses, sleeping bags or cots?

Gather sheets, blankets and pillows (2 per person per bed) as needed.

So, which bathroom will they use, and is it stocked with extra towels, toilet tissue, new toothbrushes and paste, wrapped bar  soap (a used bar of soap is gross), body soap, a razor, neutrally scented shampoos and lotions? (Most of us forget one or two small necessities when traveling, and nobody wants uncle Bob to be stuck without a toothbrush for a week!)  So it’s best to have some spares on hand.

Don’t leave your guests naked and afraid!  Explain how the shower works! (and anything else they might need to use)

OTC medicines like ibuprofen, just in case.  A simple first aid kit as well.


List Two:  Thoughtful Touches

These are the extras that say “You’re Our Guest, Make Yourself At Home”!  In fact, we have a beautiful wall quote that says just that.

In this list you’ll also want to add: A decorative yet comfy blanket for the bed, books and magazines, a clock, a box of tissues, fresh flowers, lamp or perhaps some holiday decor.  A pad of paper and a pen can also be a nice touch.

Mints on the pillow. (awesome!)

Leave space in a dresser or closet for their belongings. I don’t particularly like living out of a suit case, so if I have somewhere to hang, or fold my clothes it helps me feel more organized and at home, even if I’m not at home.

Fresh towels on the bed (let’s them know which ones they can use) Try making an animal if you are adventurous!

Festive, simple decoration(s) in their area.

Basket with bottled water and snacks

Cell phone chargers and outlets or extension cords as needed.

Are your guests visiting from a warm place coming into cold weather?  Have extra blankets or throws.  Bring in a portable fireplace or provide an electric blanket to keep them toasty.  Having a couple pair of those inexpensive knitted gloves would be very appreciated.

Keep in mind: your  kitchen will also be affected, so  add the guests favorite snacks and drinks. Consider food allergies or preferences (like vegetarian, gluten free or vegan). Although, if a guests’ eating habits are drastically different from yours, ask for their help in preparing their meals.  The request would be both welcomed and appreciated.


List Three: Have, Borrow, Buy

Take  inventory of what you have on hand, what can be  borrowed and what may be purchased? Don’t let this get out of control.  Not everything on these lists are “essentials”.  A big mistake is to  overspend time and money on things that won’t be used.  Demand is high on both resources this time of year. Focus on the reasons for celebrating to put you in the right frame of mind as you prepare for guests.



A few last tips:

-Do something everyday to get ready even if it’s small, it will be one less thing you have to do when your guests arrive.

-Use what you  already have, or borrow it from neighbors and friends that are close by.

-Don’t be stressed out. As the host or hostess, if you are calm and easy going, everybody will be much more comfortable in your home.

-To jump start your creativity, and without being too clinical, consider what cruise lines and hotels provide.  They are the experts at hospitality, so use a page from their book!

-Perhaps, most importantly, keep it simple. This will help alleviate your stress. Remember to enjoy your guests!



Hopefully these suggestions will assist you easily accommodate guests and the little “extras” will let them know they are welcome in your home.


November 7th~ Gratitude


Happy November Everyone! 

 “Gratitude” and “Thankfulness” are terms we hear a lot during November.  We parlayed around themes for our blogs and newsletter, and we strongly felt the need to repeat this important message.  In many homes throughout the world the cupboards are bare, and the basic necessities scarce while the rest of us have warm homes and clothing, clean water, access to medical care and are fed extravagantly. Our blessings are many.

We have such a propensity to forget that we take our bounty for granted.  So go ahead…express your gratitude for all things big and small.  You’ll be glad you did.

With politics crowding out every other worthwhile subject, it can be difficult to disentangle ourselves long enough to just be grateful.  Our creative team was given an assignment to each list 25 things we are thankful for. And then, to think of ways to pay it forward.  That was insightful and fun!  It is nice to take time to be reflective, ponder and plan how to repay kindnesses and show appreciation.




We have the best customers!  They are creative, loyal and inspiring!

As a token of our gratitude for all of you,
we are including with each order until the end of this month, a free gift.

The Terra Cotta, 5″ x 3.25″ decal reads “thanks” as shown above.  It’s simple yet elegant.
In the numerous requests for this decal, we’ve seen it on charger plates, greeting cards, table tents, and tiles. Click here for charger plate instructions.


Entertaining?  Need a little extra something to set the tone for the holiday?

Everyone loves a deal and have we got one for you!

“Give Thanks”

Item #11001 is 50% off any size, now through 11/30/16

Keep checking back for the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday,
Cyber Sunday and Cyber Monday offers!




This photo was sent in by R. Howard.  He wrote:

“This was my second purchase and everything went on without any problems. Your instructions and videos are first rate!  Thanks again for making this so easy. I’ve attached a photo of the finished product, a former linen closet converted into a small book alcove.”

This photo is now entered into our November Customer Photo Contest to win a Wall Written $50 gift certificate!

It’s so easy to enter, just email your digital pictures of how you used your Wall Written decal(s) to: support@wallwritten.com. They will be judged the last week of November and a winner will be announced the first week of December. Just in time for gift giving or to treat yourself!


One final thought~ 

When something negatively touches your life, think of how much worse the circumstances might be… and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  What a difference we could make if we were a nation of grateful people!

Decorating with Embellishments

When decorating your home, sometimes less is more! Try starting with smaller items or ideas that you can build on, rather than working with too many ideas.  Not knowing how to scale it back when things get too overwhelming can be frustrating to the point of not doing anything at all!   Our Unwritten Decal selection is the perfect solution for this–by finding something simple and unique first, you’ll be able to gain inspiration and not get your ideas scrambled.


Adding tasteful and easy-to-install embellishments to your home can update an old display or a neglected area and give your space the “facelift” it’s been needing!

You can browse our “Shapes and Symbols” embellishments here.




Decorating your home on a budget

Decorating your home can sometimes seem like a huge project. Where do you start? How can you save money? Will you have to bring in a handyman to help, and how much will that cost? We have a few tips to help get you started and hopefully get those creative juices flowing!

Accessorize What You Already Have

No need to go out and buy all new decor! You can spruce up and old item or something you’ve had but never used by adding a vinyl quote, re-painting an old frame, or adding newer accessories to the space. We love how our customer Pam added one of our designs to this space in her home that ties together the idea of a family tree perfectly.

family tree photo

Add Decor That Means Something

Your home decor doesn’t have to be full of thoughtless trinkets–sometimes the most understated items can make the biggest difference, simply because they mean something to you. Our customer Lisa executed this perfectly in her 1926 home. Their stories are as important as our own. She said: “To honor those families who have been such good stewards of our home since 1926, we have added their names to the stair risers. Our stair project is now complete.”

Stair names photo

Headboards and Furniture Vinyl

If you’re not sure about a piece of furniture–why settle? If you want something now that you’ll be able to take down in a few years without feeling guilty, our vinyl headboard and furniture selection may be just the thing!

unwritten assortment

Did you know there are apps you can download (and some you already have!) that can help you with decorating? The iPhone has a leveling tool already installed that allows you to level anything on your wall simply by placing your phone against the wall. There are dozens of other apps ready for download to your iPhone or Android devices.

iPhone Tool and Measuring Apps

Hole Spacer- This app helps you measure the space you need between frames and where exactly to put the nails in your wall to get evenly spaced decor.
Just enter the length of the object and the number of fixing points, then let Hole Spacer do the rest!

RoomScan- Need a visual floor plan of your home to really envision where to put things? RoomScan allows you to simply place your phone on each wall in your home, and it will create a floor plan of the rooms of your home!

My Measures and Dimensions- Writing dimensions down gets confusing and can be frustrating! This app allows you to take photos of your room, actually places the measurements in the photo on the space you have measured. It keeps all the measurements you’ve taken in one organized place!

Adornably- Unsure if a piece of furniture or an accessory will look good with your current decor? This app allows you to browse home decor items, and place a 3D image of it into a photo of your space. Never be nervous about a purchase you’ve blindly made again!

Android Tool and Measuring Apps

Bubble Level- You can download a bubble level app–just place your phone on the wall, adjust it to the correct level, and make a pencil mark to hang your decor perfectly!

Handyman Calculator-This app is really a one-stop shop. You can create your to-do list, calculate your square footage,  lay out your wall plans , and still have time to spare!

Of course the possibilities are endless in your phone’s app store–take your time browsing all the apps offered and find one that will really make sense to you.

If you’re feeling motivated after seeking out designing tips, check out our pre-designed statements (available in 3 sizes and over 50 colors) or give one of our custom design tools a try! Here you can select your own text, fonts, and colors, ensuring that you will have a design that is uniquely you.  We also offer an option for a free design session with a graphic designer. Which ever way  appeals to you, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to get started. Happy decorating!