Monthly Color Series: Monochromatic Purple Schemes


To start off this wonderful new monthly series all about color schemes and trending colors, I wanted to start somewhere basic. So, I decide to pick a monochromatic scheme.

                   monochromatic:all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue.


Basically it means using variations of a single color. For example: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Powder Blue. All Blues, but varying tones and shades. What’s great about monochromatic color schemes is that they are colors that are easily matched, instead of running around to every paint store to find the exact color of yellow that compliments your exact color of blue. Monochromatic schemes are nice for those of us who want to use color without making it look busy, or cluttered. It can bring focus to your area and easily set the mood you are looking to create.

Now, as I’ve looked at different design blogs and sites, there is one color that seems to be trending in A LOT of places… drum roll…


beautiful purples

Sophisticated Purples


This is a great color to work with because there are so many gorgeous shades of Purple to pair up. It’s also easy to tie in shades of greys to get the exact look you are aiming for.

         Purple Rooms

As you’ll notice in the examples above, using a monochromatic scheme doesn’t mean you have to have room that is Purple everything from ceiling to floor. Pair your colors with some clean looking neutrals and a whole world of beauty and sophistication is at your fingertips! Personally, I love the look of adding warm creams and light greys to keep a nice warm feel to the room.


Look how incredible this Hibiscus Splash Decal looks in this room!


Of course, some darker shades are definitely classic. Using these deeper tones of purple paired with more intense neutrals like slate, and black tend to give a more masculine vibe to your space.


dual Manly


At the end of the day, your design comes down whatever you want to make it! I’m here to give helpful tips and suggestions, to inspire and encourage you. But your personal preference is what really counts. This is your home, your sanctuary, make it your own!



July Photo Contest Winner!

Here’s the winning photo for our July contest! It came from Jeniffer B and she said: “Just wanted to thank you again for your help creating the perfect design for us! It looks amazing! :)”




This was a custom design that was created by our designer during a free custom design session with Jennifer. To schedule your own custom design session go here. We absolutely love the look, the detail in the wording and how she pulled everything together on her wall.

Submit your photos and testimonies to and you could win a free design just like Jeniffer did. Happy Designing!

Tomorrow we will be announcing the winner for the “Fairytale” Design Poll so stay tuned.

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Frequently asked Questions: Do we have a catalog?

“Does Wall Written send out a catalog?”- We get asked this question a lot. The answer is: not currently. The problem with sending out a catalog to our customers is that we release new designs on our website all the time! So by the time our catalog reached you it would already be out of date. We may decide to create a catalog in the future, but at the moment we don’t have any plans to.

We do have a great picture gallery of our designs available on our site. Clicking through pages is almost like flipping through the pages of a catalog, and we’re saving the trees! And of course you can always stay up to date with our newest designs on our “New Products” page.

Happy Designing!


12552 - Detail


A Design that is Unique to YOU!

A lot of people know about our beautiful pre-designed vinyl statements, decals and quotes. We have hundreds of options and they are elegantly designed to look good in pretty much any home. But, we realized early on that all of our customers have unique design taste, decor in their home, and needs for their products. That’s way we created our amazing Custom Design Tool. You can make Decals that are perfect for your home.

Using our design tool is made simple by watching our short tutorial video that will teach you how to fully utilize all the capabilities of our custom design tool. And even videos on specific decals, like a personalized child’s monogram for a fun, individualized bedroom.

Here is a wonderful example of a custom design made by one of our customers in our design tool:


Be sure to order some of our free color samples before order your vinyl decals as well. Our samples even come with test strips so that you can be sure our products will adhere to your surface and then place your order with confidence!

Another Wonderful Winner!

We were extremely impressed with all of our photo contest entries this month! They were all beautiful, and truly told stories on your walls. However, there can only be one winner. And that is…

Rachel and her friends at My SEO Guys. Here is their entry:




Rachel:  “Our project went great… The videos were super helpful, thanks very much, we love it!!..We are proud of how it turned out!”





We love the sizing, color accents, and all the other incredible design elements in the photo. Not to mention those awesome pillows. Really great project Rachel!

The new month has started so get all those beautiful decals on your walls at home and send us pictures of your finished work. Then you will be entered to win a free design from us, just like Rachel did! Send your pictures with testimonials to Good luck everybody!