My Inner Font Nerd (A Typographer’s Tale)

So, it’s Friday night, my children are in bed, and I’m up late, perusing a forum which I lovingly refer to as “The Font Nerds”. This is a beautiful place where a person can post a picture of some words, and several brilliant font enthusiasts will tell you what fonts the words are made with.

So how could this come in handy?

Well, say you have one of Taylor Swift’s albums, and you want to know what font she has used for her name on the CD cover. Just post a picture like this, and one of the Font Nerds will say, “Oh yes. I know this font. It’s called Satisfaction. …and here’s where you can buy it for yourself.”

The fact that I’m spending my weekend helping people find fonts probably means that I, myself, am a Font Nerd. Perhaps I won that title some time ago. Maybe while walking through Costco and identifying the different fonts on packages and signs. Or when I felt the need to create beautiful words to decorate my walls.

Because I am an Interior Typographer.

…and I love what I do.

New Fonts in the Custom Design Tool

We have just added some great new fonts to our Custom Design Tool! I’ve underlined my favorites fonts below. (Although it was hard to decide – there were several that I love but didn’t underline.)Many of them were fonts we’d had available before, but not in the tool – so there are lots of PreDesigned Statements made with them. Here are some examples of Designs that can now be made with the fonts in the Design Tool:So go nuts! We’d love to see all the stunning designs you can come up with. If you’d like to learn more about making your words into works of art, check out our Custom Design Tips page.