Business Updates

Where Have We Been?

Okay, I know you guys are thinking: Where the heck has Emily gone, and why has she taken her delightful blog voice with all it’s incredibly informative news and design previews? Well, I’ll tell you where. I just got back from a Photoshop World convention in Las Vegas, where I got to learn some really great stuff about the software I use everyday. Tonight, I’m about to leave for a triathlon (my third) and weekend camping trip.

Somehow, in the midst of planning, packing and traveling to all these activities, I have designed a most adorable collection for (eek!) Halloween. I know, it’s so soon, right? No. It’s not. Halloween is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up all crazy and not having to feel embarrassed is one of the best things ever. Plus candy. Plus decorating. Equals Awesome.

Around the middle of next week I’ll be bringing out the Halloween goods, and sending out a really fantastic newsletter!

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Hot Off the Press

We’ve finally released a tutorial for our Custom Design Tool! This will be super helpful for those who want to get the most out of the tool, and also to get some design tips.

How exciting is this?!

Coming Soon

Okay everybody, I’ve been über busy making some great new features for the website. It’s all ridiculously exciting, and will be so worth not hearing from me on this blog for the past couple of months.

One of the great new features we’ve been working on is the ability to view and make changes to your completed custom designs.  Another, is that we now have embellishments available in the custom design tool, so you can create vinyl wall words with some extra spice! We’ve also made a Custom Design Tool Tutorial Video for you guys, which will be online today or tomorrow. It’s going to be fabulous.

We’ve also been working on some new Application Instruction Videos, which are almost ready, and should be online this week. We put together some troubleshooting videos to go along with them, for those customers who’ve found certain steps to be difficult during application.

I’ll keep you updated as all of these things become available. But I just couldn’t contain my excitement long enough to wait!

New: Custom Professional Designing

We have a great new Custom Designing option available! It’s a Free Custom Design Session with one of our professional graphic artists.

When you schedule a free thirty minute design session with one of our professional graphic artists, you’ll speak on the phone with a designer, view her computer screen while she creates your project, and give instant feedback on the look of your design.

Now you can have a professional graphic artist create the perfect vinyl lettering for your home, office or gifts. We can design your wall quotes to your exact specifications, even adding embellishments. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of our artists’ expertise: we’ll be able to show you great fonts and layout ideas for your custom wall vinyl statements.

There’s never any obligation to buy, and most vinyl quotes can be designed in thirty minutes or less.

This is available now, so visit our website to make your appointment today!

Why Did I Start Wall Written?

A sign at the entrance of the Disney Animation Pavilion, Disney's California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort.

Seven years ago I was on my honeymoon at Disneyland. I was young, playful, carefree. The kind of girl who would dance around a crowded street to music only she can hear. We walked into the Disney Animation Pavilion, and I caught my breath. Rooted to the spot, I had to gaze longingly at the beautiful sign, which was about 5 feet tall and 9 feet wide. I studied it. Could not take my eyes off it. My new husband waited patiently while I checked it out up close, examining every painted dot and fantasizing about the day when I would have painting skills and a dark blue wall.

Unfortunately, that day never came. My painting skills are not much better than those possessed by my 6-year-old son. My walls are all beige, and the idea of painting a mural in a home I don’t plan to live in very long sounds heartbreaking.

So when I came across the concept of vinyl lettering, this sign came into mind. I had to have it. In fact, I felt that it would be the first thing I would create. I wouldn’t be able to trust my treasured project into the hands of a stranger who might butcher it. It had to be made by me. It had to be gigantic. And it had to be gold. But, being so intimidated by the perfection I required, I began designing other quotes. My project was put on the back-burner, and I never did create this huge masterpiece.

It has now been three years since I started this company, and while I’ve made several Fairy Tale Quotes, I still haven’t made my magnum opus. Whenever people ask me why I got into the business of vinyl lettering,  the “Once Upon a Time” mural flashes before my eyes. I did it because this sign made me smile. Because words can captivate, express personality, evoke a feeling.

Bonus: I don’t need painting skills to express myself with my decor, (and I can change my mind over and over).

Crazy Busy Times

We have been so busy here at Wall Written. We have been growing so much, and with so much to do, the blog hasn’t gotten enough attention. I’m going to fix that right now. :)

The new website has launched, and is in Beta Mode. By the end of this week, we’ll be switching it over, so the old website design won’t be online anymore.

Since the last time I wrote, I won a contest for entrepreneurs called “Face to Face” by British Airways. They flew me first to London, then to Shanghai, China. While I was there I met with some vinyl manufacturers, to look into the possibility of getting some great new colors. We want to make sure the quality is going to be up to Wall Written’s high standards, so right now we’re in the testing phase of the project. If we decide to go with this manufacturer, you can expect to see our new colors in early 2012.

While I was in London, I was inspired to create a World Traveler Collection. I’ve already got some brilliant Londonesque designs ready, which will be uploaded to the website in the coming weeks. Then we’re planning a trip to Europe this April to collect more design inspiration. We’ll be stopping in London (which I really loved, can you tell?), France, Spain and Portugal. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

We’re going to get back into the swing of things soon. In the mean time, just bare with me. I’ll try to keep you posted about what we’re up to, and even start posting some of the photo contests and results for February and March. We’ll also resume our weekly giveaways, and work on posting more videos with tips and ideas.