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Giveaway of the Week: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Here at Wall Written, our quality control is strict. Nothing goes out unless it is perfect. So we’ve amassed a huge stockpile of designs that weren’t perfect, but were too nice to throw away. Little things like a slice through a letter, or perhaps a little poke through a petal, that probably would never be noticed by our customers, and would most likely be invisible when applied to a wall.
Now that we have a blog and a facebook page, we will be hosting a Weekly Giveaway. If you’re interested in the design of the week, simply post a comment to this Blog Post (be sure to include a way to find you if you win), or comment on our facebook page. The winner will be announced on Saturday, April 3rd.

So without further ado, I now present the design of the week:“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, Caribbean Blue, size: 35″ x 22″. No purchase necessary. To enter, simply comment on this post. (Be sure to include a way to reach you if you win.) Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 3rd.


Customer Photo: Robin from Anchorage

One of our customers recently designed a custom quote using our Design Tool with lyrics from the song: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is by Chicago. She was putting it on the wall above the landing on her stairway, along with several different clocks. Then she sent us this awesome photo and a sweet note:

“Thank YOU! You were a big help Emily. Just so you know, I have been using a different company for several years and have done a good bit of business with them. My customer service experience this last go around, was terrible. I contacted them first about my “clock wall” because I always use them. The uninterested response I got made me look elsewhere. You now have my business! I have passed your information on to several of my friends and I think my daughter will be contacting you soon.
Good luck in your business Emily, and remember, GREAT customer service does in fact make ALL the difference :) You were a sweetheart.”

Robin, Anchorage Alaska

What kind things to say! Thank you, Robin- and I love your clock wall.

Custom Children’s Monograms

I’ve been working on a new Monogram style, but it’s the kind of thing that really needs to be laid out specifically for the name that will go inside it. While I was monkeying around with it, a customer emailed in asking for something very similar for her two kids, Finley and Kannan. We sent her the choices below.Another option would be to have the main initial to be in the center, with the complete first name as an overlay. I love the little flower on the girl’s “F”, but we could change that to be a bird, a butterfly, or even leave it off.If you want us to design something like this for you, just be sure to have the colors and size that you need, as well as the name and overall layout. Then just send it all in an email and we’ll get crackin’ on your font choices.

Customer Photo: Kathy from Tempe

“I put this on an oddball random wall (from my stairwell but it’s in my living room).
Transformed this oddly angular wall to an art piece with this sweet mural.
Thank you!”

Kathy – Tempe, AZ

I love getting photos from our customers. LOVE. Thank you so much, Kathy! It fits your space perfectly.

She used our Three Birds on a Branch UnWritten Artwork, size 30″ x 12.5″, in Black and Powder Blue.

New Colors Are Here

This week we put our new colors on the website. My new favorite color combination? Robin Egg Blue and Warm Stone:

Robin Egg Blue and Warm StoneLast August we started offering the colors below. If it’s been a while since you shopped with us, you might not have seen them.

Most Creative Customer of the Month

So a while back, a customer requested this special design for her “Guitar Hero” themed teenager’s bedroom. The one she ordered was enormous (over 8 feet long) – and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. (I really, really hope she sends in a picture.) So, to vent off some of my excitement, I decided to offer it on our website.
Confession: I recently started playing Band Hero. Could that explain my fascination with this design? Perhaps.