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Fixing Our Videos

So one of the little things that has been driving me crazy for almost a year is our video library. We have some awesome and dead useful instructional videos showing the step-by-step application of a Wall Written Statement.

We made these videos by borrowing my dad’s sweet video camera, then my sister, Natalie, had a five minute lesson on videography, and we cranked out some movies like it’s nobody’s business. Having no previous editing experience, I sat down for two days and put together some rough-but-good-enough videos for your viewing pleasure.

The clincher (and what’s been giving me that irritated twitch whenever I so much as think of YouTube) is: when I rendered the good-enough videos, they became blurry and not good enough anymore.

Want to see one and decide for yourself? I present to you Exhibit A: Blurry Step One Video:

BUT (eedle-deedle!) today I was able to sit down with an awesome videographer who is going to edit our videos and re-render them for us within the next week or two. I’m so excited!

Another cause for excitement, is that we’ll probably be able to make some more useful videos with application tips, design ideas and craft projects, as well as some tutorials for our website. So look forward to that for the summer.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a video project you’d like to see us make? Just leave a comment!

The Mother’s Day Collection

Announcing the new Mother’s Day Collection! Find the perfect gift for mom at Wall Written. (But you’d better hurry, Mother’s Day is May 9th!)

This collection was a lot of fun for me to design- and oh, I love so many of them, I couldn’t even choose a favorite. This first photo is high on my list- and my husband liked this next design.

One idea my husband had, was to switch out the name “Abraham Lincoln” for the name of the child giving the gift to their mother. (If you wanted to add customization like that, just contact us before ordering).

This last design is one of several Grandmother quotes- and we’ve got a lot more Mother’s Day Designs.

We’ve also got a new promotion going:

You can get this Mother’s Masterpiece design for free with a $75 order. Click here for more information. (and yes, those are my real kids in this photo. Aren’t they just beautiful? I sure think so.

And The Winners Are…

The winner for the “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…” quote is Ciera Stout! Congratulations! She was chosen at random, but told us this story when she entered:

“I would LOVE to have the dancing in the rain quote! My life is all about making it through the storms. My husband has had 4 heart surgeries in the last 21 months and will probably need another soon. I’ve got 2 boys, a 20 month old and a 3 week old. Life is crazy and hectic, but we still find the time to DANCE!”

And the winner for the “Love and Cook with Wild Abandon” is Holly Jackson! She posted several comments on Facebook- including:

“You have darling designs! ♥ I LOVE the Dance in the Rain quote and the Wild Abandon…
I also have a son that has Spiderman stuff in his room… so the design you have featured for this page is GREAT!! My husband is BIG into genealogy… I can envision that Tree behind old family history photos… There are a couple PERFECT for some granddaughters: “Never underestimate the power of acting young and silly and crazy” Dancing is like dreaming with your feet” & “A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous -Coco Chanel” Another favorite is “Breathe, you’re home”. I am TRULY a HOME BODY! :) Home is my sanctuary! ♥ I still have tons to look through! Your designs are DARLING!! *HUGS*”

Congratulations, Ladies! I’ll be announcing next week’s giveaway on Monday, the 19th.

Awesome Customer Photos: Dennis from Ankeny

So we are having our first Monthly Photo Contest for April, and have gotten some great photos. This one has an interesting story:“These statements mean a lot to my fiancee and I. The lovebirds on the tree represent us, and the statement was very simple to apply. We are very happy with our statements.”
Dennis – Ankeny, Iowa

I just wanted to point out how he said they were very simple to apply. This is by far our most difficult product. The tree comes in 5 large pieces, and is a floor-to-ceiling design. I would consider it an “Intermediate – Advanced” level design, but he still thought it was very simple.A different customer left a comment about the I Love You quote:

“I ordered this. I put it in my future husband’s closet so every morning he gets up to get dressed he sees how much I love him. It’s just our little inside love note!”
Misty – Norman, OK

What a completely adorable idea.

It’s going to be REALLY hard to choose the winner at the end of the month.
AND – There’s still time to submit your own photo – the monthly winner gets $50 to spend at Wall Written. (Plus, some of these photos are being considered for our Wall of Fame, which wins $150 to spend at Wall Written – your picture could be next!)

Another Benefit to Submitting Your Photo

Okay – One of the hidden perks of sending in your photo, is that somebody who knows exactly what the end design should look like (that’s me), will be closely inspecting your photo. A few months ago a customer sent in this picture of her design, and we noticed a couple of problems. The first was that one of her letters (check out the “G” of the last word “Goodnight”) had ripped, and only part of it was on her wall. She hadn’t complained (and maybe didn’t notice), but as I’ve said before, we take care of our customers. We immediately sent out the replacement letter – and she got it a couple days later.The other problem we found with her photo, is that she left in one of the “Alignment Diamonds”.(See it between the words “Kind” and “Prayer”?)

We see this a lot, and always have customers calling us up asking what the deal is. Basically, on all the word-based designs we send, there are arrows marking the exact center point on the left, right, top and bottom of the design. These are to help you work out your positioning. On larger sized designs, we also place a diamond or two going through the exact middle horizontally. (You know, like marking the ‘equator’ of your design.)

This is essentially to help people out with drawing that center line for the level. We try to make the diamonds close enough together that a person could have just a ruler to make their line, and wouldn’t have to use a yard stick to match up the arrows on each side of the design.

BUT– these diamonds are just tools for the application process, and are meant to be removed. :)

I feel a little guilty, because they aren’t mentioned in our instruction pamphlets, and I’ve seen lots of customer photos with random diamonds. So it’s really my fault. And we’ll get new pamphlets pretty soon, that are more clear about it.

And I hope you’ll all forgive me when I Photoshop out your diamonds.

Customer Photo Followup: Misty from Oklahoma City

A couple weeks ago I blogged about a custom monogram I had designed:Custom MonogramToday the customer posted this photo to our facebook page.“We finally finished putting up our Family Name wall art and we LOVE IT! You guys did a great job of designing for us. Thanks so much. We ended up painting a decorative square underneath it for a little more color in the room and finished it with painted molding.
-Misty, Oklahoma City, OK

Isn’t that rad? So this design is still applied directly to the wall, but I think they really set it off in a super creative way! I have to say, I love it, too.