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December Photo Contest Winner: Lisa Cumberland

As February is almost upon us, I decided it’s past time to announce December’s winner!

This is a custom design. You can create your own with our Custom Design Tool

The December Photo Contest winner is “Do All The Good You Can…” submitted by Lisa Cumberland, who’ll be getting a $50 shopping spree to Wall Written! This design is placed above her fireplace – isn’t it just stunning?

Thank you all soooo much for helping me beautify my home these past few months with lots and lots of Wall Written statements. Off the top of my head, I can count at least 10 that make me smile each time I enter a room or pass them in a hall!
As promised, I am attaching photographs of 4 that weren’t from your pre-designed collection.
Again, I love them all and thank you for all your help!”

Congratulations, Lisa! I’m excited to see what you pick with the $50!