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Where Have We Been?

Okay, I know you guys are thinking: Where the heck has Emily gone, and why has she taken her delightful blog voice with all it’s incredibly informative news and design previews? Well, I’ll tell you where. I just got back from a Photoshop World convention in Las Vegas, where I got to learn some really great stuff about the software I use everyday. Tonight, I’m about to leave for a triathlon (my third) and weekend camping trip.

Somehow, in the midst of planning, packing and traveling to all these activities, I have designed a most adorable collection for (eek!) Halloween. I know, it’s so soon, right? No. It’s not. Halloween is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up all crazy and not having to feel embarrassed is one of the best things ever. Plus candy. Plus decorating. Equals Awesome.

Around the middle of next week I’ll be bringing out the Halloween goods, and sending out a really fantastic newsletter!

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