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Choosing Colors That Fit Your Decor

When it comes to colors for vinyl decals the color ordered most often is by far our Black vinyl, followed by our Chocolate vinyl. With so many gorgeous vinyl colors available for our decals we wonder why black is the most universally popular. It’s true that black has a certain classic look, and it is undoubtedly elegant. However, I think that perhaps the largest draw is that it is easy to match to almost any color of decor.

Now, let me assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with ordering Black decals. I just wanted to take a few minutes to show you a way to get a great spritz of color in your decal and still be able to have it go nicely in your space. Hopefully by the end of this post you will be confident in choosing gorgeous vinyl colors for your home!

Here a just a few pictures of stunning colorful designs that work gorgeously in their space.



When choosing your colors for your decal keep in mind that every computer monitor will display colors differently depending on the calibration, and color settings. So the best way to be sure that you are getting the best colors for your space take advantage of our amazing free color samples! It only takes a few days to reach you and you get free swatches of our vinyl to compare to your decor and get the color perfectly suited for you.

Monthly Color Series: Warming Your Home Up for Autumn!

COZY pallette!White SpaceThis month I’m feeling very inspired by fall. Close your eyes and imagine autumn. Do you see the beautiful colors of the leaves changing, taste pumpkin pie and spices, or smell apple cider? All of these “autumn sensations” bring comfort and joy. So, when it starts getting colder outside, you want to make sure that your home is warm, inviting and gorgeous.  A sure fire way to warm your home up this year is to use fall colors for your wall paint, vinyl creations, or decor.

White SpaceWhether, it’s deep fiery colors or bright vibrant colors, the combinations of Orange, Red  and Yellow with some creamy neutrals can bring a cozy warm feeling to any room of your home.


For extra measure, here are just a few images of our wonderful decals that you could place in your new fall inspired room. For seasonal decoration, put the vinyl on trays, frames, or canvas to use year after year!


Using Embellishments to Add Elegance

Sometimes when designing a vinyl decal you get done and you feel like it may be missing just a little… something extra. Something to add emphasis, elegance or maybe just spice it up a bit. Embellishments are the perfect thing to take a design from “Blah” to “Ta-Dah!”. Embellishments are a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.

Here are just a few of  examples of our incredible designs that wouldn’t be complete without their embellishment details. Embellishments can be used as:




A simple embellishment can make a big difference and is a perfect, and inexpensive way to do seasonal decorations as well!


Now, embellishments can be useful and look great with a design. That being said here is an example of using embellishments incorrectly:


I know a lot of you are thinking “That’s not so bad”, but don’t be fooled! There are lots of things wrong here.

-The design is unbalanced (see how there are more on the left than the right?)

-There are far too many embellishments and it makes an otherwise beautiful quote look busy

  -Do not use embellishments as an excuse to add 3, 4, or even 5 colors to your design (it’s just a bad idea)

-Finally, please do not add every available embellishment, again, it just makes it seem cluttered and many don’t look very good together.

Here are some gorgeous examples of some of the custom designs that our customers have used embellishments in well and really added to their designs.


See how the scroll beneath the text in the image on the left adds a touch of elegance and class? And the compass in the top right corner of the design on the right helps to fill more of the negative space and add to the overall look of the design. These customers did it, and so can you! To find our full option of embellishments open our design tool and you will see a box at the bottom of the screen that says “Add Embellishment Layer”, just click on that and let the real designing begin!

5 Fantastic Uses for Chalkboard Vinyl


Here at Wall Written we have just started getting back into the use of Chalkboard Vinyl. A bunch of new chalkboard designs are available now on our site and with every purchase of $50 or more worth of chalk board vinyl we will send you a free chalkboard marker to use on it. We love that Chalkboards can say so many things, you can make it unique and you can just let your creative side go wild! We have found tons of uses for the Chalkboard Vinyl and we wanted to share some of these ideas with you. So let’s start the count down….

5. Home Decor:      3 together

 4.Special Events:

4 Special Events

3. Office Uses:


2. Rooms in your home


1. Kitchen: Kitchen!

As you can see are many shapes and images to choose from. There are even more great shapes inside our Custom Design Tool when you click on the “Add Embellishment” button. For custom chalkboard orders please call us at 888-665-0240 or email us the design and size you would like to We also have many designs available in our “Chalkboard Vinyl” Category on our website.

Regular chalk or chalkboard markers work with our vinyl!  Whichever you choose, you will need to test the best way to clean it, whether you use a regular chalk eraser, a damp cloth or a whiteboard eraser. Be sure to bear in mind that you want the chalkboard area you’ll be writing on to be large enough to write using a piece of chalk.  Or, you can write slightly smaller with a chalkboard marker. The more writing space, the better.

Now it’s your turn to share your ideas on Chalkboard vinyl with us. Comment below or post your ideas on our Facebook page and we may just use your idea for a new chalkboard design! Don’t forget to share you pictures of you using our Wall Written products by posting them and tagging our company with the handle @wallwritten .

Disclaimer: we do not warrantee or guarantee the free marker aforementioned (included with each $50+ chalkboard vinyl order,)  as we are not affiliated with the marker company in any way.