And the Winner Is…

The winner of this week’s giveaway for “The Laughter of a Child is the Light of the Home” is Anna Schrimpf, Congratulations!

Color: Chocolate, Size: 28" x 17.25"

She’ll be getting the design in Chocolate, Size 28″ x 17.25″.

I love this design because it really captures what drives my life.  I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom of two little ones.  Everything I do is for my children.  Life gets so busy and stressful that I sometimes wonder if I am really doing a good job.  But when we have those precious moments of fun and silliness, their sweet laughter is all it takes to make me realize they’re happy and I’m in heaven.  If I win this design I would love to put it up in my family room to remind me that there are some little toes that need to be tickled!”

-Anna Schrimpf

Thank you to everybody who entered. This week’s winner was chosen because her reason for liking the design was my favorite. Check back for this week’s giveaway, and remember that once you become a fan on our facebook page, you can enter any giveaway you’re interested in, even if you’ve entered past giveaways. Good Luck!

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  • Inge:

    Being a mother for last three years has been the most azanimg and most important accomplishment of me life thus far. As I watch my son grow up, I am reminded of my own childhood, good and bad memories. The good memories I have, have become even more fond for me as I now understand the love my parents have always had for me and my sisters. The bad memories become less bad and more proof of how deep a parent’s love really does run for their child. Being a parent is easy, being a great parent takes more work and dedication than one can ever truly prepare for. If I can be even half the mother my mother is, that will be the greatest accomplishment of my lifetime.

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