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Wall Written is a company driven by customers opinions and tastes. That is way we strive to have a close connection to our customer base and love to get feedback from all of you! We have brand new designs going onto our site all the time and now, we want your help choosing what goes on our site! Here are the options:



Comment below to let us know which of the 3 designs you like best and why. At the end of July we will count the votes and pick a winner. By the way, the customer who leaves the most convincing comment will win a free decal of the winning design on us. Let the voting begin!

10 Responses to “Customers Choice”

  • Trevin:

    I like option c the best 😀

  • CaROline:

    I would have to say that in some ways I like them all…. But If I were purchasing it, I am sUre I would chose “A”. I think It is the easiest to read because none of the letters overlap any other letters. The spacing between lines Helps THE words stand out. It looks clean and well balanceD. Very attractiVe.

  • Diane woods:

    I like the crispness of the first one best. I like that the letters are not overlapping. I did not like the embellishments On the second one. I also did not like tHe third one because the tails if some of the letters went over the rest of the writing. I really live the girst one.

  • I cHoose C! I love the grace of it aNd the scripty font adds to the “fairy tale”!

  • cYNDI:

    Definitely C! It LOOKS like it was written in a fairytale. Very graceful and “cinderella-ish”! something I would put on my wall. Not so much a and b.

    • cYNDI,

      We have picked your entry as our winner! You will be receiving this design for free. Please email us your shipping address and which two colors you would like this design in and we will get that out as soon as possible! Send that email to Thank you again for your feedback!

  • Kara:

    I reallY like A and c. A os really Easy to read and c just looks fairytale like!! Maybe if c’s words wEre spread out a little it would read A little easier. Its really hard to choose between the two, but if i had to pick it would be c just because Its more fairytale like!

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