5 Fantastic Uses for Chalkboard Vinyl


Here at Wall Written we have just started getting back into the use of Chalkboard Vinyl. A bunch of new chalkboard designs are available now on our site and with every purchase of $50 or more worth of chalk board vinyl we will send you a free chalkboard marker to use on it. We love that Chalkboards can say so many things, you can make it unique and you can just let your creative side go wild! We have found tons of uses for the Chalkboard Vinyl and we wanted to share some of these ideas with you. So let’s start the count down….

5. Home Decor:      3 together

 4.Special Events:

4 Special Events

3. Office Uses:


2. Rooms in your home


1. Kitchen: Kitchen!

As you can see are many shapes and images to choose from. There are even more great shapes inside our Custom Design Tool when you click on the “Add Embellishment” button. For custom chalkboard orders please call us at 888-665-0240 or email us the design and size you would like to support@wallwritten.com We also have many designs available in our “Chalkboard Vinyl” Category on our website.

Regular chalk or chalkboard markers work with our vinyl!  Whichever you choose, you will need to test the best way to clean it, whether you use a regular chalk eraser, a damp cloth or a whiteboard eraser. Be sure to bear in mind that you want the chalkboard area you’ll be writing on to be large enough to write using a piece of chalk.  Or, you can write slightly smaller with a chalkboard marker. The more writing space, the better.

Now it’s your turn to share your ideas on Chalkboard vinyl with us. Comment below or post your ideas on our Facebook page and we may just use your idea for a new chalkboard design! Don’t forget to share you pictures of you using our Wall Written products by posting them and tagging our company with the handle @wallwritten .

Disclaimer: we do not warrantee or guarantee the free marker aforementioned (included with each $50+ chalkboard vinyl order,)  as we are not affiliated with the marker company in any way.

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