Decorating your home on a budget

Decorating your home can sometimes seem like a huge project. Where do you start? How can you save money? Will you have to bring in a handyman to help, and how much will that cost? We have a few tips to help get you started and hopefully get those creative juices flowing!

Accessorize What You Already Have

No need to go out and buy all new decor! You can spruce up and old item or something you’ve had but never used by adding a vinyl quote, re-painting an old frame, or adding newer accessories to the space. We love how our customer Pam added one of our designs to this space in her home that ties together the idea of a family tree perfectly.

family tree photo

Add Decor That Means Something

Your home decor doesn’t have to be full of thoughtless trinkets–sometimes the most understated items can make the biggest difference, simply because they mean something to you. Our customer Lisa executed this perfectly in her 1926 home. Their stories are as important as our own. She said: “To honor those families who have been such good stewards of our home since 1926, we have added their names to the stair risers. Our stair project is now complete.”

Stair names photo

Headboards and Furniture Vinyl

If you’re not sure about a piece of furniture–why settle? If you want something now that you’ll be able to take down in a few years without feeling guilty, our vinyl headboard and furniture selection may be just the thing!

unwritten assortment

Did you know there are apps you can download (and some you already have!) that can help you with decorating? The iPhone has a leveling tool already installed that allows you to level anything on your wall simply by placing your phone against the wall. There are dozens of other apps ready for download to your iPhone or Android devices.

iPhone Tool and Measuring Apps

Hole Spacer- This app helps you measure the space you need between frames and where exactly to put the nails in your wall to get evenly spaced decor.
Just enter the length of the object and the number of fixing points, then let Hole Spacer do the rest!

RoomScan- Need a visual floor plan of your home to really envision where to put things? RoomScan allows you to simply place your phone on each wall in your home, and it will create a floor plan of the rooms of your home!

My Measures and Dimensions- Writing dimensions down gets confusing and can be frustrating! This app allows you to take photos of your room, actually places the measurements in the photo on the space you have measured. It keeps all the measurements you’ve taken in one organized place!

Adornably- Unsure if a piece of furniture or an accessory will look good with your current decor? This app allows you to browse home decor items, and place a 3D image of it into a photo of your space. Never be nervous about a purchase you’ve blindly made again!

Android Tool and Measuring Apps

Bubble Level- You can download a bubble level app–just place your phone on the wall, adjust it to the correct level, and make a pencil mark to hang your decor perfectly!

Handyman Calculator-This app is really a one-stop shop. You can create your to-do list, calculate your square footage,  lay out your wall plans , and still have time to spare!

Of course the possibilities are endless in your phone’s app store–take your time browsing all the apps offered and find one that will really make sense to you.

If you’re feeling motivated after seeking out designing tips, check out our pre-designed statements (available in 3 sizes and over 50 colors) or give one of our custom design tools a try! Here you can select your own text, fonts, and colors, ensuring that you will have a design that is uniquely you.  We also offer an option for a free design session with a graphic designer. Which ever way  appeals to you, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to get started. Happy decorating!




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