One Design Concept, Three Ways

Custom MonogramIn the space of three days, I had two customers ask for very similar designs. They both wanted circle monograms with a last name and “Established Date” incorporated into the layout- as well as an accent letter in the background.
After listening to a clear list of specifications, I made several proofs showing this design, as well as several different choices for the red accent “S” in the background. This was the design she chose in the end- and I loved it, too!

Custom MonogramFor the Leavitt family, she wasn’t quite as specific, so I made a few extra design examples. I ended up really falling in love with several of them, particularly this version on the left.

Custom Monogram

In the end, she chose the last design. She made a great choice; I know she’ll be really happy with it.

If you want us to design a special monogram for you, be as specific as possible- it makes the process go faster and smoother. (Do you want the text around the circle to be wrapped around -all facing the middle- or have the bottom half “Right Side Up” so it can be read without twisting your head? What exactly should the text be, and where? Are there any fonts you’re partial to? What color(s) will you need? What size?) Using this information, we can come up with a few choices in a relatively short amount of time.

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