April Photo Contest Winner

The winner of our April Photo Contest is Kate Ferguson, with her Wild at Heart photo.

Submitted by Kate Ferguson. Colors: Dark Red and Chocolate, size 34″ x 16″

Attached is a photo of my wall written statement. Your service was excellent.
I love this quotation, and I thought it would be adorably ironic above the cage of my two bunnies. It turned out great! Thanks!”

I had a giggle at the way she phrased “adorably ironic”. So true. Kate has won a $50 Gift Certificate to at Wall Written. Congratulations!

April saw some extremely attractive photo submissions, and it was really difficult to chose a winner. Below are the Honorable Mention photos. Thank you for all your submissions.

Submitted by Julie Kovacs.

Submitted by Julie Kovacs.

Submitted by Peg Mayerowitz.

Submitted by Katie Hoody.








We’ll announce the winner for the May Photo Contest next week. Stay tuned!

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