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Another Benefit to Submitting Your Photo

Okay – One of the hidden perks of sending in your photo, is that somebody who knows exactly what the end design should look like (that’s me), will be closely inspecting your photo. A few months ago a customer sent in this picture of her design, and we noticed a couple of problems. The first was that one of her letters (check out the “G” of the last word “Goodnight”) had ripped, and only part of it was on her wall. She hadn’t complained (and maybe didn’t notice), but as I’ve said before, we take care of our customers. We immediately sent out the replacement letter – and she got it a couple days later.The other problem we found with her photo, is that she left in one of the “Alignment Diamonds”.(See it between the words “Kind” and “Prayer”?)

We see this a lot, and always have customers calling us up asking what the deal is. Basically, on all the word-based designs we send, there are arrows marking the exact center point on the left, right, top and bottom of the design. These are to help you work out your positioning. On larger sized designs, we also place a diamond or two going through the exact middle horizontally. (You know, like marking the ‘equator’ of your design.)

This is essentially to help people out with drawing that center line for the level. We try to make the diamonds close enough together that a person could have just a ruler to make their line, and wouldn’t have to use a yard stick to match up the arrows on each side of the design.

BUT– these diamonds are just tools for the application process, and are meant to be removed. :)

I feel a little guilty, because they aren’t mentioned in our instruction pamphlets, and I’ve seen lots of customer photos with random diamonds. So it’s really my fault. And we’ll get new pamphlets pretty soon, that are more clear about it.

And I hope you’ll all forgive me when I Photoshop out your diamonds.