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Customer Letter : Elena of Ontario

Hello! My name is Elena Duperron and I received my order from you not too long ago.  I just finished putting everything up earlier this week.  The results are fabulous!

My daughter will be 11 months old on Sunday, and I have been working on her nursery for almost one year.  Her walls have been bare until now because I’ve been waiting to find the perfect thing to decorate them.  A friend of mine posted photos of her daughter’s nursery on Facebook, and she had a stunning growth chart in her room.  I found out that she had ordered the decal from Wall Written, and so I decided to do a little shopping of my own.

Colors shown are Lipstick Pink and Chocolate, Size is 24" x 18.25"

When the package arrived, I was so excited.  When I unrolled the growth chart, however, the colours had been inverted.  So, I called customer service and spoke with a lady named Natalie (I think!).  She was so helpful and she assured me that a new growth chart would be sent to me right away.  I was extremely impressed with the wonderful customer service, and I was also very pleased because Natalie credited my account appropriately so that I wouldn’t have to pay taxes on my product twice (it was being shipped from the USA to Canada).  I put up the growth chart right away, and now with both of my decals applied, my daughter’s room is finally finished.  And it is perfect!!  I’ve attached the results.

Colors shown are Lipstick Pink and Split Pea

Thank you, again, so much for such wonderful products, and thank you for your wonderful customer service!  I’ve been raving about you and recommending you to everyone I know!!

Elena Duperron

Custom Children’s Monograms

I’ve been working on a new Monogram style, but it’s the kind of thing that really needs to be laid out specifically for the name that will go inside it. While I was monkeying around with it, a customer emailed in asking for something very similar for her two kids, Finley and Kannan. We sent her the choices below.Another option would be to have the main initial to be in the center, with the complete first name as an overlay. I love the little flower on the girl’s “F”, but we could change that to be a bird, a butterfly, or even leave it off.If you want us to design something like this for you, just be sure to have the colors and size that you need, as well as the name and overall layout. Then just send it all in an email and we’ll get crackin’ on your font choices.