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The Complete Someday Series Launch

The Someday Series is finally here! Complete with wishes for babies, girls, boys, teenagers, and even a few tongue-in-cheek dreams for adults! (Someday I’ll have a maid, anyone?) The collection has been designed to mix-and-match your favorite “Someday”s, or even to display individually. The retro poster styling is unisex, so you can display these wall decals in a playroom or nursery, or even a shared bathroom.

So which “Someday” wish is your favorite? My personal favorite just might be: “Someday I’ll wear my own High Heels.”

More New Vinyl Lettering Designs!

One of the awesome benefits to having a new designer on staff, is that we’ll be having a lot more new designs on a regular basis. So come check out the newest vinyl lettering at Wall Written.

Coming soon? A Sports Collection and a Fall Collection. Eedle Deedle!

The Office Collection – Great Gifts for Father’s Day

I’ve been designing the Office Collection this week, and it is now ready for the public. These two designs are a couple of my favorites, but I really need to be honest: I think the entire collection is beautiful.

So… which new office design is your favorite?

Father’s Day Collection

Sorry I’ve been away for so long! My husband and I were able to participate in our first Triathlon last week! Since we got back I’ve been busy creating the Father’s Day Collection, and so without further ado, I would like to present my latest creations.

This first design is the FREE statement with a $75 purchase. See more information here.
I think my favorite is this design below, which says: “A man never stands so straight as when he stoops to help a boy. -Knights of Pythagoras”
To get your Father’s Day Statements in time to gift one to the dad in your life, you’ll need to order by June 14th (if you live in the US. Orders to Canada will need to be placed by June 1st to ensure delivery by June 19th).

The Mother’s Day Collection

Announcing the new Mother’s Day Collection! Find the perfect gift for mom at Wall Written. (But you’d better hurry, Mother’s Day is May 9th!)

This collection was a lot of fun for me to design- and oh, I love so many of them, I couldn’t even choose a favorite. This first photo is high on my list- and my husband liked this next design.

One idea my husband had, was to switch out the name “Abraham Lincoln” for the name of the child giving the gift to their mother. (If you wanted to add customization like that, just contact us before ordering).

This last design is one of several Grandmother quotes- and we’ve got a lot more Mother’s Day Designs.

We’ve also got a new promotion going:

You can get this Mother’s Masterpiece design for free with a $75 order. Click here for more information. (and yes, those are my real kids in this photo. Aren’t they just beautiful? I sure think so.

Funny New Mother’s Day Design

I’ve been sitting down to design the Mother’s Day Collection, and was showing some of the new designs to my husband. I read him the following quote:

Without skipping a beat, he said:

I thought it was so funny, that I added it to the design. Of course, if somebody doesn’t want it to say “Dirty.” at the bottom, they can just leave off that piece during the application. (Since it’s a separate color, it will be on it’s own sheet.)
So- here is the final design:

The Mother’s Day Collection will be released in 1-2 weeks. You can order this design along with several others just in time for Mother’s Day.