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Family makes a Home

The importance of family is amplified to it’s full extent during the holiday season. But our beautiful decals can always keep your family in your mind and close to your heart. Our customers love too share pictures of their beautiful family centered projects and we love to see them. Here are some great ideas for your next vinyl project:

Family Blog

An Office Meeting at Wall Written

Yesterday, we were gathered around a table having an office meeting. I sat back and thought, look at all these beautiful ladies. I asked my husband to snap a quick photo for our blog.

Clockwise around table starting at near left: Susan, Camille, Emily, Melissa, Brittany and Natalie.

Can I just say, as a business owner, I have been so fortunate to have such a great group of talented, hard-working women. (We also work with a man… and he’s my husband, so of course I think he’s also fantastic.) Everybody has been doing an amazing job. This afternoon, we had 10 minutes to get a rush order finished up and packaged before we had to drive it over to the post office. I was so impressed by how everybody came together to get it out the door on time, in perfect condition, and with all the designs and colors intact.

Susan, you really are one talented lady. You have just been a jewel in creating my vision! What I really like about what you are doing for me is that you are giving me something that is different than what is “out there”  and that really speaks to “My” home…not something that is off the shelf. We got the “Carpe Vino” up in the kitchen last night.  It is unbelievable.  It is exactly what we were wanting and I can’t wait to show it off.  You did an amazing job. I have already begun to sing your praises to friends and family.  Thank you for going the extra mile for your customers.”

Lisa Hudson

Natalie was so helpful. I put up the growth chart right away, and now with both of my decals applied, my daughter’s room is finally finished.  And it is perfect!! Thank you, again, so much for such wonderful products, and thank you for your wonderful customer service!  I’ve been raving about you and recommending you to everyone I know!!”

Elena Duperron

Hi Brittany! THANK YOU SO MUCH for my decals. They are perfect! And I was super surprised to see that you sent both blue options. That is so sweet of you! I’m so glad you did because the “Minted” is a perfect match. I can’t wait to share the booth photos with you!”

Leslie Vega

Thank YOU!  You were a big help Emily.  Just so you know, I have been using [another wall words company] for several years and have done a good bit of business with them.  My customer service experience this last go around, was terrible.  I contacted them first about my “clock wall” because I always use them.  The uninterested response I got made me look elsewhere.  You now have my business!  I have passed your information on to several of my friends.

Good luck in your business Emily, and remember, GREAT customer service does in fact make ALL the difference.  You were a sweetheart.”

Robin Wade

I definitely agree that Customer Service does make all the difference, so here at Wall Written, we have some of the best people around working for you: creating beautiful designs, shipping them to you quickly, and working with you if there are any bumps along the road. We take care of our customers.

Customer Letter : Elena of Ontario

Hello! My name is Elena Duperron and I received my order from you not too long ago.  I just finished putting everything up earlier this week.  The results are fabulous!

My daughter will be 11 months old on Sunday, and I have been working on her nursery for almost one year.  Her walls have been bare until now because I’ve been waiting to find the perfect thing to decorate them.  A friend of mine posted photos of her daughter’s nursery on Facebook, and she had a stunning growth chart in her room.  I found out that she had ordered the decal from Wall Written, and so I decided to do a little shopping of my own.

Colors shown are Lipstick Pink and Chocolate, Size is 24" x 18.25"

When the package arrived, I was so excited.  When I unrolled the growth chart, however, the colours had been inverted.  So, I called customer service and spoke with a lady named Natalie (I think!).  She was so helpful and she assured me that a new growth chart would be sent to me right away.  I was extremely impressed with the wonderful customer service, and I was also very pleased because Natalie credited my account appropriately so that I wouldn’t have to pay taxes on my product twice (it was being shipped from the USA to Canada).  I put up the growth chart right away, and now with both of my decals applied, my daughter’s room is finally finished.  And it is perfect!!  I’ve attached the results.

Colors shown are Lipstick Pink and Split Pea

Thank you, again, so much for such wonderful products, and thank you for your wonderful customer service!  I’ve been raving about you and recommending you to everyone I know!!

Elena Duperron

Customer Photos: Florence from Vancouver

Custom Design in Gold using the Font "Duet"

The translated poem excerpt from Roman poet, Catullus was written in about 45-65 BC.  He wrote it to his married lady love.  Such scandal!  The statement turned out fab and I include the pictures with the others.  I live in a huge artist-type, 2 level loft and put it at the top landing of the stairs to my bedroom.  Hoping to inspire romance!

Custom Design using Bronze and Gold, in the font "Passions Conflict"

The series of adjectival words is a bit of a joke… It’s really a check list of all the qualities I am looking for in a life long mate  if you hadn’t already guessed.  Such a man with such god-like perfection probably doesn’t exist but there is always hoping.  I had alternated gold and bronze font colors with the lines (more impressive in person) and I had hoped to add more in order to wrap the lines around the corner of the wall but that’s a continuing project.

This design is no longer offered on our site. Color: Silver, Size: 48" x 8.25"

The ready made Dr Seuss quote was placed on the main wall of my kitchen.  The loft is of course open concept and you can see it anywhere from the living area.  Just silly inspirational fun and an interesting company with my Got Milk? poster of Cookie Monster who has been with me wherever I’ve lived.

Love my wall statements!  Glad you guys are around to realize some of my ideas.


Customer Photo: Sue from Grand Island

“I LOVE your website! I have spent hours on it and even begin to tell you all the people I have shared it with! How very creative you are!
Attached please find a wallwritten that I put in my office. I am the office manager for a dental office, and my office wall was barren. I thought this wallwritten was perfect because it is not only “art” on my wall, I also use it as a subtle marketing ploy. I did it without my boss’s knowledge, and he loved it!
Thanks again, I will be ordering more, its just so hard to decide which one and where!”

-Sue Buscaglia