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The Intellectual Office

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The atmosphere in your office should reflect what you want to accomplish in this room.  Most home offices are intended to be a special place to accomplish specific tasks, but still inspire and motivate you to be productive. Here are a few suggestions for creating such a setting.

 Ponder color schemes.  Using rustic tones is a wonderful choice when you’re striving to encourage intellectual thinking. These are deep, earthy colors that aren’t distracting or too eye catching. They help you absorb your surroundings without diverting attention away from your work. Also, think about using lighting that emulates natural light if your office does not have a window.
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Rustic Colors
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 Accessorize with items that are intellectually grounded. Consider globes, maps, hour glasses, books, favorite paintings or personal photos — whatever inspires you. Be aware of items that distract and draw your attention away and avoid using them.  Below are a few of the new office decals we recently added to our site.  They embody old world charm and are so versatile!  Just remember: The more pleasant and inviting your space, the more you will want to be there.OfficeWhite Space
3. Optimize your productivity.   Organization will go a long way to help keep your study space clutter free. Having a space that is functional and organized is an important part of having an organized mind. It allows you to keep your thoughts collected and clear as well as helping you find materials as you need them.
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LibraryWhite Space  When you create an office space that you actually want to work in, it will motivate, uplift, and inspire.  So choose a color scheme that works for you.  Accessorize and organize, and your office will blossom into the type of space you need to get the work done you need to, in an inviting, comfortable room you can be proud of.

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Crazy Busy Times

We have been so busy here at Wall Written. We have been growing so much, and with so much to do, the blog hasn’t gotten enough attention. I’m going to fix that right now. :)

The new website has launched, and is in Beta Mode. By the end of this week, we’ll be switching it over, so the old website design won’t be online anymore.

Since the last time I wrote, I won a contest for entrepreneurs called “Face to Face” by British Airways. They flew me first to London, then to Shanghai, China. While I was there I met with some vinyl manufacturers, to look into the possibility of getting some great new colors. We want to make sure the quality is going to be up to Wall Written’s high standards, so right now we’re in the testing phase of the project. If we decide to go with this manufacturer, you can expect to see our new colors in early 2012.

While I was in London, I was inspired to create a World Traveler Collection. I’ve already got some brilliant Londonesque designs ready, which will be uploaded to the website in the coming weeks. Then we’re planning a trip to Europe this April to collect more design inspiration. We’ll be stopping in London (which I really loved, can you tell?), France, Spain and Portugal. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

We’re going to get back into the swing of things soon. In the mean time, just bare with me. I’ll try to keep you posted about what we’re up to, and even start posting some of the photo contests and results for February and March. We’ll also resume our weekly giveaways, and work on posting more videos with tips and ideas.

The Office Collection – Great Gifts for Father’s Day

I’ve been designing the Office Collection this week, and it is now ready for the public. These two designs are a couple of my favorites, but I really need to be honest: I think the entire collection is beautiful.

So… which new office design is your favorite?