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Designer Poll: Which Version is Better?

The most popular wall quote at Wall Written is an homage to home and family. It reads: Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, laughter never ends. I wanted to create a few more options as far as the look of the design, because I have a feeling that the sentiment of the phrase itself is what appeals to so many. I also added a few variations to the phrase itself, changing some to say “friends are always welcome” and/or “families are forever.”So, which version would you choose?

Which "Home is Where Love Resides" Design is Better?

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Where Have We Been?

Okay, I know you guys are thinking: Where the heck has Emily gone, and why has she taken her delightful blog voice with all it’s incredibly informative news and design previews? Well, I’ll tell you where. I just got back from a Photoshop World convention in Las Vegas, where I got to learn some really great stuff about the software I use everyday. Tonight, I’m about to leave for a triathlon (my third) and weekend camping trip.

Somehow, in the midst of planning, packing and traveling to all these activities, I have designed a most adorable collection for (eek!) Halloween. I know, it’s so soon, right? No. It’s not. Halloween is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up all crazy and not having to feel embarrassed is one of the best things ever. Plus candy. Plus decorating. Equals Awesome.

Around the middle of next week I’ll be bringing out the Halloween goods, and sending out a really fantastic newsletter!

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Designer Poll: Which Version is Better?

I’ve been trying to design a Family Manifesto. I’ve come up with a few variations on the design (the text is all the same) and while I like these three choices, I’m not sure if any of them are good enough to go on the site. I’ll keep on working out this design, but in the mean-time, which version is your favorite? While you’re at it, is there anything you would add to (or remove from) the text itself?

Which Family Manifesto design is better?

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Sneak Peek Designer Poll

We’re releasing the Interior Typography Collection next Monday, and here is a little series which will be included. The “Someday” series will have six designs which you could mix and match in a little boy’s room. I’d love to make a series for little girls, too, but I could use some suggestions. Anybody have some ideas?

So which "Someday" design is your favorite?

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Sneak Peek at the Newest Designs

I have been busily creating beautiful new wall lettering designs. We’ve got about 35 new wall word designs that are ready to go; we just need to put them in photographs and add them all to the site. So here’s a sneak peek at some of the new wall decals, which should be online within a week. How exciting!

Je t'adore is French, meaning "I love you" or, more literally "I adore you".

This beach themed phrase is adorable and evocative. Can't you just taste the ocean?

A play on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, this is the sweet lover's version.

An adorable quote which would be perfect above a crib or child's bed.

So these are just four of many new wall vinyl quotes. Check back this week to see the newest creations. Enjoy!

Craziest Time of the Year

Followers of this blog might remember the new website I was hoping would be done in time for Christmas. As you might have noticed, it is not online. Now, it’s almost ready, but we don’t want to change anything until the Christmas rush has passed. So the old site is still online, but you can preview the new Beta Site here. I’m very excited about it, but you’ll have to bear with me, it’s just not quite ready. (The picture galleries are a great example of this- I’m still working on the layout and choosing the pictures that we’ll be displaying.)

In addition to all the work we’ve been doing to the new site, we are also much busier than usual, (Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!) and, to top it all off, we moved our office! We’re still in the same building, but now we’re in a much larger unit. (Huzzah!)

So I feel guilty that I haven’t been posting on the blog regularly, and neglecting my facebook duties. But I’m turning over a new leaf. :) We’ve just announced the winner of November’s Photo Contest, and in a few minutes, I’ll be posting the information for our next giveaway (just in time for Christmas).

Thanks for hanging in there! The wait is going to be worth it. :)