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Craziest Time of the Year

Followers of this blog might remember the new website I was hoping would be done in time for Christmas. As you might have noticed, it is not online. Now, it’s almost ready, but we don’t want to change anything until the Christmas rush has passed. So the old site is still online, but you can preview the new Beta Site here. I’m very excited about it, but you’ll have to bear with me, it’s just not quite ready. (The picture galleries are a great example of this- I’m still working on the layout and choosing the pictures that we’ll be displaying.)

In addition to all the work we’ve been doing to the new site, we are also much busier than usual, (Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!) and, to top it all off, we moved our office! We’re still in the same building, but now we’re in a much larger unit. (Huzzah!)

So I feel guilty that I haven’t been posting on the blog regularly, and neglecting my facebook duties. But I’m turning over a new leaf. :) We’ve just announced the winner of November’s Photo Contest, and in a few minutes, I’ll be posting the information for our next giveaway (just in time for Christmas).

Thanks for hanging in there! The wait is going to be worth it. :)

Sneak Peek at Our New Website

Here at Wall Written we have been hard at work on designing a more user-friendly, attractive website. It’s still a couple weeks out before the whole site will be ready for your shopping pleasure, but here’s a sneak peek at how it’s going to look.

So if the blogging and facebook updates are a little low for the coming fortnight- just know I haven’t forgotten about you. I love you. I just need to spend my time getting this ready for you. Because I know you’re going to love it. :)

Lots of Changes

Sorry for all the blog neglect! We have been crazy busy here at Wall Written. (July was a month for the record books! Thank you all for your support.)

We are switching blogging companies, (WordPress, here we come!) so finding some of our older content may be more trouble than it’s worth. I’m trying to get it all together on this new blog, but sites that have linked to previous posts may have some broken links. Sorry :(

On the positive side, we’ll now be able to post regular blog updates again, including Giveaways, Photo Contests and design ideas. Deedle!

Thanks for all your patience!