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June – Fathers Day, What To Do

Father’s Day  –  June 15th, 2014


As a young man he had the whole world before him, endless possibilities and dreams. He meets a young woman that shares those same ideals and dreams. They fall hopelessly in love and become one unit, embarking on a life long journey. A journey of challenging times that were counterbalanced by remarkable ones, like the birth of his children.  He approached fatherhood with strength, steadfastness, understanding, humor and selflessness like only a father can do. His hands were steady and strong to guide his children from the cradle, through adolescence, to adulthood. Now as a grandfather he has yet another opportunity to provide guidance and understanding to his grandchildren. This is a man to be admired and respected for his depth of character, for this man that has given so much of himself for the family he loves. As  his day approaches, how and what is sufficient enough to let him know how much gratitude and love you have for him? Being the man he is, a simple “I Love You” or “Thanks” might be adequate however how about something he wouldn’t expect.  Show him just how much he means with a heart warming quote, from Wall Written.


Or what are his interests? Is the garage his domain? Is he the Barbecue King? The Pancake Master? Or is he hooked on fishing? Make a space uniquely for him, put up some wall art that shows it.

Fahters Day Collage 2

There are more designs on the Wall Written website, or use their custom design tool and create something just as unique as your Dad. Happy Father’s Day to all.


Click here to see more Father’s Day Designs.

Sneak Peek at the Newest Designs

I have been busily creating beautiful new wall lettering designs. We’ve got about 35 new wall word designs that are ready to go; we just need to put them in photographs and add them all to the site. So here’s a sneak peek at some of the new wall decals, which should be online within a week. How exciting!

Je t'adore is French, meaning "I love you" or, more literally "I adore you".

This beach themed phrase is adorable and evocative. Can't you just taste the ocean?

A play on the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, this is the sweet lover's version.

An adorable quote which would be perfect above a crib or child's bed.

So these are just four of many new wall vinyl quotes. Check back this week to see the newest creations. Enjoy!

Why Did I Start Wall Written?

A sign at the entrance of the Disney Animation Pavilion, Disney's California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort.

Seven years ago I was on my honeymoon at Disneyland. I was young, playful, carefree. The kind of girl who would dance around a crowded street to music only she can hear. We walked into the Disney Animation Pavilion, and I caught my breath. Rooted to the spot, I had to gaze longingly at the beautiful sign, which was about 5 feet tall and 9 feet wide. I studied it. Could not take my eyes off it. My new husband waited patiently while I checked it out up close, examining every painted dot and fantasizing about the day when I would have painting skills and a dark blue wall.

Unfortunately, that day never came. My painting skills are not much better than those possessed by my 6-year-old son. My walls are all beige, and the idea of painting a mural in a home I don’t plan to live in very long sounds heartbreaking.

So when I came across the concept of vinyl lettering, this sign came into mind. I had to have it. In fact, I felt that it would be the first thing I would create. I wouldn’t be able to trust my treasured project into the hands of a stranger who might butcher it. It had to be made by me. It had to be gigantic. And it had to be gold. But, being so intimidated by the perfection I required, I began designing other quotes. My project was put on the back-burner, and I never did create this huge masterpiece.

It has now been three years since I started this company, and while I’ve made several Fairy Tale Quotes, I still haven’t made my magnum opus. Whenever people ask me why I got into the business of vinyl lettering,  the “Once Upon a Time” mural flashes before my eyes. I did it because this sign made me smile. Because words can captivate, express personality, evoke a feeling.

Bonus: I don’t need painting skills to express myself with my decor, (and I can change my mind over and over).

Giveaway of the Week: Classy and Fabulous

Enter to win a Black and Electric Pink, “A Girl Should Be Two Things – Classy and Fabulous. -Coco Chanel” vinyl quote in size 22″ x 9″.

Size: 22" x 9" Colors: Electric Pink and Black

To Enter: Become a fan of our Facebook Page. For an extra entry, post a link to this Giveaway post as your Facebook status, or tweet a link to this post. Then fill out the form below:

(Don’t worry, your information will only be used to contact you if you win, and will not be shared)

The winner will be announced on Monday, April 11th.

And the Winners Are…

Color: Black, Size: 22" x 4.25"

The winner of the “Live Well – Laugh Often – Love Much” statement in Black, size 22″ x 4.25″ is Melanie Fowler!

I love lettering because it tells so much about the atmosphere of a persons home. I creates unique, fun, and stylish quotes that you can read and remember everyday.”

Color: Black, Size: 14.5" x 5"

The winner of “A Mother’s Greatest Masterpiece…” in Black, size 14.5″ x 5″ is Tanya Koppel-Morais.

I like Wall Written because of the amazing job they did on the wall written poem I bought for my nursery. Baby arrives in about four weeks and already has beautiful sentiments posted above his/her (we don’t know which) crib!”

Color: Chocolate, Size: 16" x 5"

The winner of “Bon Appetit!” in Chocolate, Size 16″ x 5″ is Louise Bonasera.

I like these designs because they are fun for any room in your house. I have a small kitchen and the “Bon Appetit” will be the focal point of my kitchen for all to enjoy.”

Congratulations to all! Your packages will be sent out as soon as I hear back about what address to send them to.

Check Out the New Collection!

We’ve just released some new designs! With beautiful vinyl lettering and quotes, as well as great vinyl decals in our UnWritten Artwork Collection, there’s something new for everybody.

Remember this Expresso Yourself from our Designer Poll? This design was the official winner, but as somebody commented: “There aren’t as many votes for the stylized version but believe me it is much more elegant, crisper and clearer to read. I would actually drink it!” It seemed that both designs, while beautiful, just appealed to different people. So we decided to offer both versions!

You can find them, along with all our newest designs, in our What’s New section.