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These positions have been filled. Please check back later.
Personal Assistant/Production Technician, and Part Time Production Technician

We are currently hiring a Personal Assistant / Production Technician with 2- 4 years experience that is ready to hit the ground running, excited for a challenge, and prepared to give 110% to the job. We are looking for someone who takes initiative, is able to work independently, completes tasks, works well with management, and has a passion to do a good job.  The job will be flexible with the work day start/stop times. Average 25-30 hours week. 5 days a week. Pay range for this position is $9 (training rate) to $12 hr. (fully trained, demonstrated competencies)  

This position is preparatory to other more skilled and full time positions.

David & Emily Miller


This position requires but is not limited to the following skills:
  • Self-Starter
  • Detail Oriented
  • Adaptable
  • Problem Solver
  • Professional
  • Positive Attitude
  • Proactive
  • Excellent Listening Skills
  • Articulate and Professional Oral and Written Communication
  • Excellent Organization Skills
  • Ability to Proactively Organize, Prioritize, and Multi-Task Efficiently in various environments this will include working in our Production area as a Technician and performing Customer Service tasks
  • Sound Judgment Capability and Discretion with Confidential and Time-Sensitive Material
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Computer Applications
  • Knowledge of Social Media Platforms
  • Maintain Email - Requires appropriate grammar business-specific language
  • Maintain Office Files
  • Working knowledge of Office Equipment
  • Complete Assigned Tasks as Requested and On Time without being reminded
  • Handle any Personal Tasks for Employer as Requested


Training Info:

  • Training pay will be $9 per hour
  • Training will last one month
  • Hours are between 9am and 4pm Monday - Friday
  • Where: The Wall Written Springville, Utah Office


    We are also hiring one Part-Time Production Technician and one Full-Time Production Tecnician.

    Our Production Team is responsible for creating all our vinyl statements, processing and packaging orders.

    Production Technicians will use a computer and vinyl plotter to cut vinyl designs, then weed (remove the excess vinyl), proof-read, tape, trim, and package them.

    David & Emily Miller

    You'll also oversee your own quality control, and ensure orders are complete before they are shipped.

    Hours, Wages and Schedule:

    Training Info:
    • Training pay will be $9 per hour
    • Training will last one month
    • Hours: between 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday
    • Where: The Wall Written Springville, Utah Office
    Post-Training Info:
    • Starting pay rate will be between $10-$11 per hour, to be determined based on performance once training is completed
    • 25-30 hours week (5 days a week)

    Personality Requirements:

    • Work well with people (team player)
    • Self motivated/driven
    • Proactive, finding and completing tasks without supervision
    • Fast, hard working
    • Efficient time management
    • Careful, diligent, with an eye for detail

    Required Skills:

    • Eager/able to learn new techniques/skills easily
    • Basic computer skills with ability to learn new software programs
    • Fluent in English, both reading and speaking
    • Strong basic math/spelling/grammar skills

    Physical Requirements:

    • Able to stand/be on feet for long stretches throughout the day
    • Able to bend/lean forward over task table for long stretches of time
    • Able to lift vinyl rolls/packages weighing up to 25 lbs
    • Good Vision (if needed, wearing glasses or contacts is fine)

    Required Experience:

    • High school Graduate (or equivalent)
    • Adobe Illustrator experience is a plus, but not required

    This position does not require any specific previous job experience. We will train you to become a Wall Statement Specialist.

    As with all our positions, we are looking for dependable, trustworthy and hard-working people.