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Using our Custom Design Tool
From your Screen to your Wall:

How to keep your final product as close to your original design as possible:


Please measure the area you plan to install your Statement. You may then input the height and width of your surface into the Custom Design Tool, and see a ruler to guide you when choosing your letter size. (To do this, click the "Background" button on the lower left side of the Custom Design Tool, and input your project's dimensions.)

The "Size" in the Design Tool refers to the height of the box containing your Statement. Because all fonts vary, please refer to the ruler marks to determine the exact size of your Statement


The colors you see on your screen may or may not be an accurate representation of the actual color of the product because all computer monitors display color differently.

We strongly encourage you to request free color samples.


When using the Custom Design Tool, keep in mind that the way your Statement is shown in the display window is an exact representation of how your Statement will arrive to you (aside from the possible color variations explained above). The font you select will impact how your expression will look in various ways. For example:

  • Some fonts do not include punctuation marks.
  • Some fonts only contain uppercase letters.
  • Some fonts only contain lowercase letters.
  • The space between letters in some fonts may not be uniform. (Especially Scriptina font)

When you encounter these circumstances while creating a Statement, please keep in mind that "what you see is what you get." If you are not able to see punctuation, uppercase letters, or lowercase letters in the Custom Design Tool, then they are not available for that particular font. If the spacing looks irregular in the Custom Design Tool, it will also look irregular when it arrives to you. Please be aware of these special circumstances and, when necessary, choose another font.

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