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Home Family Blessing

Home Family Blessing
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Having Someplace To Go Is Home. Having Someone To Love Is Family. Having Both Is A Blessing.

In the hectic-crazy world we live in, we often forget to notice, ponder, and appreciate the true blessings in life--having a home, love, and family. This beautiful quote is a simple reminder of some of life's greatest blessings.

At Wall Written, we use high quality, matte-finish vinyl that creates the look of wall words that have been hand-painted by a professional artist, but without the cost or effort!

Each vinyl letter is precision cut and pre-spaced, so there is no background, and all the letters are arranged perfectly for you. That means our wall quotes are easily applied, and just as easily removed, without any damage to your wall.

Vinyl wall phrases are a warm and personal way to decorate living and family rooms, foyers, or anywhere you want to make a statement with your décor!

Our vinyl decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface. Put them on your walls, doors, furniture, mirrors, windows - anywhere you want!

Need to see a color, test your surface, or get an idea of how the product works? Please request free color samples.

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The size dimensions given are for the full design. The first number is always the width (or, side-to-side), from the furthest left point of the design, to the furthest right. The second number is always the height (or, up-and-down), from the highest point of the design, to the lowest.

In this first example, which includes multiple lines of text and an embellishment, you can see that the height (second number) is inclusive of the whole design, and not individual lines or letters.

Visual description of how the size of a multi-line wall quote is determined.

In this second example, which only has one line of text, you can see that the height (second number) starts at the top of the tallest letter (often letters with ascenders, such as: b, d, f, h, etc.), and extends to the bottom of the lowest letter (usually letters with descenders, such as y, j, g, etc.), and does not represent the height of any individual letters. It is the measurement of the whole design.

Visual description of how the size of a single line wall quote is determined.

Please measure your space before ordering to ensure the size you choose will fit well in your space. Keep in mind that the sizes we offer for each design range considerably, from very small (to fit on a plaque or door) to very large (to extend the full width of a king size bed, for example). Not all sizes will work well in all applications, so it's important to measure your space and choose the size which will compliment the space and the room.