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Will your vinyl work for me?

Statements can be applied to just about any clean, smooth, and weather-resistant surface that is free of dust, grease, or other contaminates. Statements may not adhere to heavily-textured surfaces, but can adhere to lightly textured walls. The paint must have had time to cure, and the surface properly prepared.

We strongly discourage installation of statements on certain surfaces such as brick, stucco, concrete block, suede paints, and sand paints. Canvas takes extra care. Call for instructions.

New, "Low VOC" or "VOC free" paints are known to repel the adhesive in removable vinyl. (Oils have been added to take the place of the VOC’s in earth friendly paints, and the oils repel the adhesive.) There are ways to test and prep a wall with these paints that MUST be done prior to ordering vinyl. Follow this link for more information on “green” or “earth friendly” paints.

The following conditions can cause poor adhesion or product failure:

  • Highly textured paint
  • Poor initial paint bond
  • Patched areas that have not been primed before painting
  • Moisture behind the drywall, which can cause the drywall paper to release. Walls with cooling systems or water pipes behind them may be prone to condensation.
  • High humidity areas including (but not limited to) garages, entryways, and bathrooms
  • Dust, dirt, smoke, kitchen grease, or other contaminants on the wall
  • Wallpaper or other wall coverings
  • Freshly painted walls that have not had ample time to cure. Wall graphics tend to bubble and release from the wall while paint is in the curing process

When considering how long a paint should be allowed to cure before applying vinyl, be sure to factor in the pigment of the paint. Light colors 2- 3 weeks are recommended and Dark pigment up to 90 days. Using the test strip will help you determine if the off gassing process is complete. See paint considerations for more information.