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Outdoor Usage Questions:

Q: Can Wall Written Statements be used outdoors?
A: Yes, our statements can be used outdoors. Make sure the surface is clean and dry and free of dirt and debris. Some examples of successful applications are automobiles; exterior windows and doors of homes; exterior home decorations, such as treated boards or metal objects like mailboxes; exterior signs; and so on. When applied to exterior surfaces, expect a shortened product life due to exposure to weather and other elements.

Q: Will my statement crack, peel, fade, or warp?
A: When a statement has been applied as directed and is protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather, you should not have issues with cracking, peeling, fading, or warping.

Q: What temperatures is the statement able to withstand?
A: Once installed, our statements will withstand a temperature range between -20°F and +150°F.

Q: How long will the statement last after it has been applied to a surface?
A: Wall Written Statements are not intended for permanent application; however, they can last for months or years depending on the surface and environment. Statements applied indoors can last significantly longer than statements applied outdoors where they are exposed to weather.

Q: What should I consider before installing a statement on a car?
A: Keep in mind that the chances of damage to a statement applied on the exterior of a vehicle may increase due to exposure to the elements and impact from road debris.

NOTE: Use of an ice scraper will destroy statements applied on window exteriors.

Typically, windshield wipers and rear defrosters do not interfere with statements installed on glass.

Q: Can statements on a car go through a car wash?
A: An automatic car wash should not ruin a statement. If a car is being washed with a hand-held pressure washer, extra care should be used to avoid directing the washer stream on the statement at close range or for an extended period of time.