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Kitchen Border Series

Kitchen Border Series

Surround Your Kitchen in Written Bliss

The Kitchen Border Series has been designed so each phrase of six kitchen words can be used individually, or you can combine any statements to make a creative border on your walls. With so many possibilities, it may be difficult to decide just how you want to use your Kitchen Border decals.

Food Adjectives

Wall Written's Food Adjectives borders have so many options to choose from, you'll get hungry just deciding what decals to put in your kitchen. Simply choose one list of words, or choose several and string them together. If you used every Food Adjectives option we have, you probably won't see the same word twice! No matter what kind of food your family enjoys most, these wall decals will make an elegant and mouthwatering addition to your dining room's decor.

Eating Words

Our Kitchen Border Series also features a number of Eating Word borders. Arrange them parallel to the counter or place them near the kitchen table. Your family will like these borders so much, they might even start to mimic the eating noises your decals express.

Cooking Words

Wall Written has also created Cooking Words wall decals as a part of our Kitchen Border Series. These simmering and tasty words will look great along any wall in your kitchen, but may be especially suited for the wall closest to the stove. Customize your decals in any color or size so they perfectly match the color scheme of the rest of your kitchen.

Baking Words

Last but not least, our Baking Words kitchen borders are great for lovers of all things cookies, pies and breads. Crumble, drizzle and sprinkle these decals all around your kitchen, or maybe just near that spot on the counter where you prepare your baked goods most often. With Wall Written's Kitchen Border Series, you kitchen can be as unique as you. Browse through our entire selection today.

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