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Foreign Language

Express Your Worldly Wisdom

Show sophistication and worldly wisdom throughout your home with a fun and fancy international wall quote. Any room in your home will come alive with a simple "Bon Appetit" in the kitchen, a "welcommen" in your entryway, or a "J'adore" in the bedroom - the choice is yours, and whichever international wall quote adorns your walls, you can be sure it will portray one thing - that you live your life to the fullest.

Display Your Heritage throughout Your Home

Whether your father's family is French or your mother was born in Italy, display your heritage and pride with Wall Written's Foreign Language wall art. A little flavor of your family's language can make you feel as if they are a part of your home, even though they may be many miles away. Remember your grandmother's smile as she would open her arms and say "bienvenidos!" or simply enjoy the company of wall art written in your native tongue.

Many of Wall Written's Foreign Language decals will look great in your kitchen. In fact, we designed several of them to focus on meals, which we feel represent a universal time for families. Our Foreign Language wall decals display sayings in French, Spanish, and Italian - just to name a few of the worldly languages from which you can select in our Predesigned Statements section.

You can even create your own Foreign Language wall art on our Create Your Own page. Give your mother the gift of wall art that portrays her favorite saying from her homeland, or recreate a phrase that was your favorite when you studied abroad in college. Your Foreign Language wall art possibilities are endless with Wall Written's customization options.

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