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Custom Designing - Design Tips

TIP 1: Play with Fonts
Combine Fonts for a more artistic effect, or to emphasize certain words or phrases within your statement.

To create multiple fonts in one Statement while using our Design Tool, you must add a layer for each desired font.


TIP 2: Add Color
Make your design stand out by using more than one color. Try contrasting colors and let your layers overlap. You can go for a full overlay, or just cover part of a letter or two.

When using our Design Tool, add a layer for each separate color.

TIP 3: Use Embellishments
We have a wide selection of embellishments that can be found when using our Design Tool. Simply click "Add Embellishment Layer", choose your desired embellishment, then set the size and color. Each embellishment will come on a separate piece from the rest of your design, so you can position it however you like.

Need Some Inspiration?

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