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Maintenance Questions:

Q: Can I wash the statement once it has been applied?
A: Yes. We recommend that you use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with cool water to clean your statement. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol, abrasives, citrus additives, or ammonias. When a statement is applied on a window or mirror, take special care to avoid glass cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.

Q: I installed a statement but it is starting to peel off. What do I do?
A: If part of a statement starts to come off a surface, use washable glue, such as a glue stick or wallpaper paste or glue, to reattach it. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and test the adhesive in an inconspicuous place before applying it to your statement. If you need one, request a free sample to test.

Q: Can a clear coat be put on a statement?
A: Clear coating may provide additional protection for a statement, depending on the coating's chemical composition. Check the clear coat label for details and use caution. Solvents in some clear coatings, such as lacquers and varnishes, can break down the statement and/or adhesive.

Q: Will bathroom humidity damage a statement?
A: No. Once applied, Wall Written statements can withstand the heat and humidity generated in a bathroom environment. However, please be aware that prolonged exposure to heat and humidity will weaken the adhesive over time.

Q: Will my statement crack, peel, fade, or warp?
A: When a statement has been applied as directed and is protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather, you should not have issues with cracking, peeling, fading, or warping.

Q: What temperatures is the statement able to withstand?
A: Once installed, our statements will withstand a temperature range between -20°F and +150°F.

Q: Can statements on a car go through a car wash?
A: An automatic car wash should not ruin a statement. If a car is being washed with a hand-held pressure washer, extra care should be used to avoid directing the washer stream on the statement at close range or for an extended period of time.