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Custom Design Questions

Q: What does the letter size refer to in the Custom Design Tool? It says size 10, but it looks to be only 7 inches tall?
A: The size represents the size of the box containing the words. Use the rulebars on the top and left edge of the Design Tool to compare the letters to your desired width and height.

Q: Can you make my logo or other graphics?
A: Yes! If you have a graphic or logo you would like us to make, send us an email with an attachment of the file you would like us to use. The best format for a graphic file is a vector, (with a file extension of ".eps" or ".ai"). If you don't have a vector image, it may be possible to work with other file types as well.

Q: What if you don't have the font I want?
A: We have many fonts available that aren't listed on the site. If you need a specific font, please email us the exact name of the font, and if we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it. In your email, please also include your desired phrase, size and color.

Q: Do you offer Embellishments and decorative graphics?
A: Yes, we have many graphics and embellishments that can be incorporated into your custom designs, or purchased individually. These can be found by using our Design Tool. Simply click "Add Embellishment Layer", choose your desired embellishment, then set the size and color. Each embellishment will come on a separate piece from the rest of your design, so you can position it however you like.

Q: How do I add different colors or fonts while using the Custom Design Tool?
A: Add a layer for each font or color you'd like. For more specifec instructions, check out our Custom Design Tool FAQs Section.